25L512MC PDF – MX25L512MC

25L512MC PDF datasheet can download.

This product has MX25L512MC functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is 25L512MC.

Manufacturers of the product is Macronix.

Image and pinout :

25L512MC pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

MX25L512 512K-BIT [x 1] CMOS SERIAL FLASH FEATURES GENERAL • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible — Mode 0 and Mode 3 • 524,288 x 1 bit structure • 16 Equal Sectors with 4K byte each – Any Sector can be erased individually • Single Power Supply Operation – 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations • Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to Vcc +1V PERFORMANCE • High Performance – Fast access time: 85MHz serial clock (15pF + 1TTL Load) and 66MHz serial clock (30pF + 1TTL Load) – Fast program time: 1.4ms(typ.) and 5ms(max.)/page (256-byte per page) – Fast erase time: 60ms(typ.) and 120ms(max.)/sector (4K-byte per sector) ; 1s(typ.) and 2s(max.)/chip(512Kb) • Low Power Consumption – Low active read current: 12mA(max.) at 85MHz, 8mA(max.) at 66MHz and 4mA(max.) at 33MHz – Low active programming current: 15mA (max.) – Low active erase current: 15mA (max.) – Low standby current: 10uA (max.) – Deep power-down mode 1uA (typical) • [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

25L512MC PDF Datasheet

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