AD2020 PDF – 3-Digit A/D Converter

AD2020 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 3-Digit A/D Converter functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is AD2020.

Manufacturers of the product is Analog Devices.

Image and pinout :

AD2020 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

,. ANALOG W DEVICES – —– FEATURES low Cost 12l lSI Design Multiplexetf Character Serial BCD Output -Support Components Required 10 (including displays) Single +5V Power Supply Required Balanced Differential Input Internal Reference low Power Consumption (SOmWtypical) Small Size: 16 Pin Dual-in-Line Wide Temperature Range: Operating 0 to +7SoC Storage -SSoC to +150oC Extended Temperature Range Available Upon Special Request 12L 3 DigitAID Converter II OBSOLETE GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD2020 is a low cost 3 digit AID Converter, needing only 10 additional support components to make a complete 3 digit DPM/DVM. The small total component count, the low cost, and high reliability allow for a wide variation in display applications, especially those previously utilizing APM’s (Analog Panel Meters). The technology utilized in the AD2020 is Integrated Injection Logic (I2L), an extension of the long proven, high yield bipolar process. This technique offers a significantly higher circuit pa [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

AD2020 PDF Datasheet