BSM20GP60 PDF – IGBT-Module

BSM20GP60 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has IGBT-Module functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is BSM20GP60.

Manufacturers of the product is Eupec.

Image and pinout :

BSM20GP60 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

Technische Information / Technical Information IGBT-Module IGBT-Modules BSM20GP60 Elektrische Eigenschaften / Electrical properties Höchstzulässige Werte / Maximum rated values Diode Gleichrichter/ Diode Rectifier Periodische Rückw. Spitzensperrspannung repetitive peak reverse voltage Durchlaßstrom Grenzeffektivwert RMS forward current per chip Dauergleichstrom DC forward current Stoßstrom Grenzwert surge forward current Grenzlastintegral I t – value 2 VRRM IFRMSM TC = 80°C tP = 10 ms, T vj = tP = 10 ms, T vj = 25°C 25°C Id IFSM 2 It 1600 40 20 300 230 450 260 V A A A A A2s As 2 tP = 10 ms, T vj = 150°C tP = 10 ms, T vj = 150°C Transistor Wechselrichter/ Transistor Inverter Kollektor-Emitter-Sperrspannung collector-emitter voltage Kollektor-Dauergleichstrom DC-collector current Periodischer Kollektor Spitzenstrom repetitive peak collector current Gesamt-Verlustleistung total power dissipation Gate-Emitter-Spitzenspannung gate-emitter peak voltage Diode Wechselrichter/ [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

BSM20GP60 PDF Datasheet

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