CMP3205 PDF – N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs

CMP3205 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is CMP3205.

Manufacturers of the product is Cmos.

Image and pinout :

CMP3205 pdf datasheet pinout


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CMP3205 N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs General


Product Summery TheCMP3205 is a N-channel Power MOSFET. It has specifically been designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge. The device is therefore suitable in advanced high-efficiency switching applications. Features Advanced Process Technology Ultra Low On-Resistance Dynamic dv/dt Rating 175°C Operating Temperature Fast Switching Fully Avalanche Rated Lead-Free Absolute Maximum Ratings BVDSS 60V RDSON 8.0m ID 100A Applications LED POWER CONTROLLER DC-DC & DC-AC CONVERTERS HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SPEED SWITCHING SOLENOID AND RELAY DRIVERS MOTOR CONTROL, AUDIO AMPLIFIERS TO220 Pin Configuration G DS TO-220 (CMP3205) Symbol VDS VGS ID@TC=25 ID@TC=100 IDM EAS IAS PD@TC=25 TSTG TJ Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Sou ce Voltage Continuous Drain Current1 Continuous Drain Current1 Pulsed Drain Current2 Single Pulse Avalanche Energy3 Avalanche Current Total Power Dissipation Storage Temperature Range Operating [ … ]

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CMP3205 PDF Datasheet