H5TQ1G83BFR-XXC PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 1Gb DDR3 SDRAM functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is H5TQ1G83BFR-XXC.

Manufacturers of the product is Hynix Semiconductor.

Image and pinout :

H5TQ1G83BFR-XXC pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

1Gb DDR3 SDRAM 1Gb DDR3 SDRAM Lead-Free&Halogen-Free (RoHS Compliant) H5TQ1G43BFR-xxC H5TQ1G83BFR-xxC H5TQ1G63BFR-xxC http:/// *Hynix Semiconductor reserves the right to change products or specifications without notice Rev. 1.0 / Dec. 2009 1 Revision History Revision No. 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 1.0 History Preliminary Initial Release Added IDD Spec Package Dimension Notation change – No Physical change Updated IDD Specification JEDEC Update Draft Date Sep. 2008 Jan. 2009 Apr. 2009 Apr. 2009 Dec. 2009 Remark Preliminary http:/// Rev. 1.0 / Dec. 2009 2


The H5TQ1G43BFR-xxC, H5TQ1G83BFR-xxC and H5tQ1G63BFR-xxC are a 1,073,741,824-bit CMOS Double Data Rate III (DDR3) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density and high bandwidth. Hynix 1Gb DDR3 SDRAMs offer fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of the clock. While all addresses and control inputs are [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

H5TQ1G83BFR-XXC PDF Datasheet

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