JCS630CA PDF datasheet can download.

This product has N-CHANNEL MOSFET functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is JCS630CA.

Manufacturers of the product is JILIN SINO-MICROELECTRONICS.

Image and pinout :

JCS630CA pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

N 沟道增强型场效应晶体管 R N-CHANNEL MOSFET JCS630A 主要参数 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS 封装 Package ID 9.0 A VDSS 200 V Rdson(Vgs=10V) 0.4 Ω Qg 22 nC APPLICATIONS z High efficiency switch mode power supplies z Electronic lamp ballasts based on half bridge z UPS 产品特性 z低栅极电荷 z低 Crss (典型值 22pF) z开关速度快 z产品全部经过雪崩测试 z高抗 dv/dt 能力 zRoHS 产品 FEATURES zLow gate charge zLow Crss (typical 22pF ) zFast switching z100% avalanche tested zImproved dv/dt capability zRoHS product 订货信息 ORDER MESSAGE 订货型号 印记 Order codes Marking JCS630VA-O-V-N-B JCS630VA JCS630RA-O-R-N-B JCS630RA JCS630RA-O-R-N-A JCS630RA JCS630SA-O-S-N-B JCS630SA JCS630BA-O-B-N-B JCS630BA JCS630CA-O-C-N-B JCS630CA JCS630FA-O-F-N-B JCS630FA 封装 Package IPAK DPAK DPAK TO-263 TO-262 TO-220C TO-220MF 无卤素 Halogen Free 否 NO 否 NO 否 NO 否 NO 否 NO 否 NO 否 NO 包装 Packaging 条管 Tube 条管 Tube 编� [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

JCS630CA PDF Datasheet

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