SH367004 PDF – Section 3/4/5 lithium battery protection chip package

SH367004 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has Section 3/4/5 lithium battery protection chip package functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is SH367004.

Manufacturers of the product is Sino Wealth Microelectronic.

Image and pinout :

SH367004 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

SH367004 3/4/5节锂电池包保护用芯片 特性  通过SEL0/SEL1管脚切换3/4/5节串联应用  高精度电压检测功能:(针对单节电芯) – 过充电保护阈值电压:3.3V – 4.5V (50mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±25mV – 过充电保护解除电压1:3.2V – 4.5V 阈值电压精度:±50mV – 过放电保护阈值电压:1.8V – 3.0V (100mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±50mV – 过放电保护解除电压2:1.8V – 3.4V 阈值电压精度:±100Mv  两段放电过流检测功能: – 放电过流1保护阈值电压:0.05V – 0.3V (50mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±15mV – 放电过流2保护阈值电压:0.2V – 1.0V (100mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±100mV  两段充电过流检测功能: – 充电过流1保护阈值电压:0.05V – 0.3V (50mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±15mV – 充电过流2保护阈值电压:0.1V – 0.5V (100mV一档) 阈值电压精度:±40mV  充放电温度保护功能: – 充电低温保护阈值温度:-20°C,-10 [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

SH367004 PDF Datasheet

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