TA2111N PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 3V AM/FM 1 CHIP TUNER IC functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is TA2111N.

Manufacturers of the product is Toshiba.

Image and pinout :

TA2111N pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

TA2111N/F/FN TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA2111N,TA2111F,TA2111FN 3 V AM/FM 1 Chip Tuner IC TA2111N/F/FN are AM/FM 1 chip tuner ICs, which are designed for portable radios and 3 V Head phone radios. FM local oscillation voltage is set up low relativity, for NEW FCC. TA2111N Features · · · · · · · For NEW FCC. AM Detector coil, FM IFT, IF coupling condenser are not needed. For adopting ceramic discriminator, it is not necessary to adjust the FM quad detector circuit. Built-in FM MPX VCO circuit. Built-in varactor diode for AFC. Built-in AM low cut circuit. Low supply current. (VCC = 3 V, Ta = 25°C) ICCq (FM) = 9.0 mA (typ.) ICCq (AM) = 5.0 mA (typ.) · Operating supply voltage range: VCC = 1.8~7 V (Ta = 25°C) TA2111FN TA2111F Weight SDIP24-P-300-1.78: 1.2 g (typ.) SSOP24-P-300-1.00: 0.31 g (typ.) SSOP24-P-300-0.65A: 0.14 g (typ.) Note 1: Handle with care to prevent devices from deteriorations by static electricity. 1 2002-03-05 TA2111N/F [ … ]

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TA2111N PDF Datasheet