UR18650WX PDF – Lithium Ion

UR18650WX PDF datasheet can download.

This product has Lithium Ion functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is UR18650WX.

Manufacturers of the product is Panasonic Battery.

Image and pinout :

UR18650WX pdf datasheet pinout


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UR18650WX Features & Benefits • Super high drain model (high power density) • Long, stable power with a flat discharge voltage • Ideal for power tools, Ebikes, and robotics. Lithium Ion Dimensions Specifications Rated capacity(1) Capacity(2) Nominal voltage Charging Weight (max.) Temperature Min. 1500mAh Min. 1500mAh Typ. 1600mAh 3.7V CC-CV, Std. 1050mA, 4.20V, 3.0 hrs Charge: Discharge: Storage: Volumetric: Gravimetric: (3) Energy Max. 18.5 mm 10.0 mm Max. 65.1 mm (–) For Reference Only *With tube (+) 46.9 g 0 to +45°C -20 to +60°C -20 to +50°C 333 Wh/l 121 Wh/kg Energy density(3) (1) At 20°C (2) At 25°C density based on bare cell dimensions Charge Characteristics VERSION 13.02 R1 | Copyright© 2012 SANYO Energy (U.S.A.) Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Charge: CC-CV 0.7C (max) 4.20V, 3 hr cut-off at 20°C Cycle Life Characteristics Charge: CC-CV 0.7C (max) 4.20V, 50mA cut-off at 20°C Discharge: CC 1C, 2.75V cut-off at 20°C Under Construction Discharge C [ … ]

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UR18650WX PDF Datasheet